3.00 - 3.50

Bretzel Lover : holographic sticker - 5.6x5.2 cm
Ramene ta fraise : glittery sticker - 4.6x6.7 cm
Chien chaud : glossy vinyl sticker - 10.1x7 cm
Avoir la banane : glossy vinyl sticker - 9.9x7.1 cm
Avoir la frite : mirror sticker - 5.4x8 cm
The Pigeon Social Club :
Lucky charm : Pixie dust - 6x6cm
Pop Corn : glittery sticker - 3.9x6cm

For France : shipped in a classic envelope.

For Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland :
- shipped in a strong envelope (flat) with cardboard ;
- the shipment is a home delivery via international mail.

For other worldwide shipment, please send me a message on Contact.